If you don’t know me in real life, there’s something you don’t know. I am absolutely terrible at dressing myself. I really don’t have a personal style, I rarely wear color outside of the neutral spectrum and if you’ve seen me in a dress of any kind, my husband probably picked it out. I once brought home a whole mess of clothes I was really excited about and when Mike looked through the bag and told me that if I didn’t start bringing home color, he was going to start chaperoning my shopping trips. Pathetic, right? Enter, StitchFix.

Here’s the down and dirty… you sign up, fill out a style profile, enter all of your sizes and measurements, and your preferred price points. Then the magic happens… you pick a date within the next calendar month and wait… patiently. This box arrives on your door step that contains 5 hand chosen pieces just for you. You have 3 days to try them all on, keep the ones you like, return the ones you don’t! Seriously it’s that easy.

The best part is the fact that they give you outfit suggestions for each piece they send. This is the best way to determine if something is going to fit into your wardrobe or not.

So, my first box arrived, here’s what was in it… (Please do not make fun of my inability to take a decent mirror “selfie” I don’t have much practice. At least give me points for not using a toothpaste splattered bathroom mirror?)

Nautical Jacket

First piece: This nautical style jacket.

Thoughts: I was in love the second I put it on. It’s soft, comfy and if I had to pick style for myself it would fit right in.

Price: $78

Verdict: big fat keep, even Mike loved it!

Green Maxi Dress

Second piece: Sleeveless maxi dress in a fantastic green color

Thoughts: Jersey knit so soft I could wear it every.single.day. I loved everything about it, especially the color. (please note, my nail polish almost perfectly matches it!!) However, the fit was… weird. It laid funny only body and made me look fat. I had to stand really weird to snap this photo. From behind it was really terrible.

Price: $88

Verdict: Sadly, I sent it back. If only the fit was better!!

Hobo Chic Tank

Third piece: Embroidered white tank

Thoughts: Hated it. It seemed hippie chic sort of, it was itchy, baggy and embroidered anything is really not my thing. They can’t all be winners.

Price: $44

Verdict: Send it back

Blue Twist Top

Fourth piece: Cross knit front top

Thoughts: It’s soft, it’s in my range of colors (ha!) and it was a flattering cut and fit. I love it.

Price: $54

Verdict: Keep!

White Top

Fifth piece: Mixed lace short sleeve shirt

Thoughts: This piece is completely functional. I had plenty of ideas for how to wear it, I actually really liked it. But, I was conflicted over it. Price seemed high for what it was, and I figured if I really didn’t love it, I would never wear it.

Price: $54

Verdict: Send it back.


Overall: I loved the excitement of not knowing what was coming, that someone else used my Pinterest board and favorite stores as inspiration, and that I got two unique pieces out of the deal. This game is fun. I can’t wait for my next one! The best part? You can refer your friends to the service and when they sign up and order a fix, you get $25 at no cost to them. This is a fun way to earn a little clothes money–especially if you have friends who might love Stitchfix. If you choose to use these links–I’m super grateful! 😉