I went to New Orleans, y’all! My girl Sandy got hitched, wasn’t she STUNNING?

This was a much anticipated wedding and vacation for us and I was an emotional basket case all weekend. I watched Sandy get into her dress, I cried. I lined up in the church to walk down the aisle and took one look at Casey waiting for his bride, I cried. The look on Casey’s face watching Sandy come down the aisle with her dad, I cried. Mike was making fun of me by the end of the day. It was a beautiful wedding and a beautiful day.

Jackson Square

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and went straight to the House of Blues for some shrimp po boys and a couple of cocktails. We walked around to get a feel for where the hotel was in relation to everything else. Very quickly, we discovered a little thing called a “go-cup”. It’s exactly what it sounds like. You are allowed to walk the streets with alcohol. Yes, it was trouble.

Thursday night, my girl Joy the Baker came to the rescue with an excellent restaurant recommendation. We devoured everything we ordered at SoBou. If you go to New Orleans, it’s a “do not miss” spot. It was the perfect way to end our first night, and the perfect way to start our trip off on the right foot.

Dance Moves

Friday morning, we rolled out of bed and went straight to the Ruby Slipper Cafe. I can’t say enough things about this place, but I will say that the eggs cochon (their specialty) is the best damn thing I’ve ever eaten. Please note, it’s also terrible for you. The mimosas are also a must, but you have been warned, they will knock you on your butt. Even with the handy go cup situation when you can take it with you.

After breakfast, we walked through Jackson Square, looking at the art and petting the horses. Then it was time for a few bridesmaid duties. The rehearsal dinner that night was a Pat O’Briens. So, naturally I had to drink a hurricane… in case you are wondering you should really only have one of those. I had a pink tongue after the first one. We stood on the balcony and watched the people in the streets, jazz bands, freaks and geeks, endlessly entertaining!

Go Cup


Saturday was the wedding, so we were a little busy. The reception was at the world war 2 museum… it was beautiful! For Casey and Sandy it was the perfect choice, the lighting alone made you fall in love with it. The best part was that the museum exhibits stayed open throughout the reception, so we got to walk through and see everything. So fun!

We Can Do It

Sunday morning, after sleeping in, we hit Cafe Du Monde for beignets, they were of course, delicious. Then we went on a horse drawn carriage ride, where they pointed out a few places I wish we had time to go to. It was a perfectly breezy end to our trip.

Happy Couple

If I had to do it again, I would have gone on a carriage ride first, they pointed out a few off the beaten path type of shops and places to eat that I would have loved to have time to hit.